Supply and quality

Our main principle is the supply of industrial and cosmetic foundations and liquid and crushed flavors according to the taste and taste of some regions (countries) and according to the demands of our customers in the framework of safe delivery and in our factories equipped with the latest technology and which are certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 Halal, GMP

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The liquid and powdered flavors provided by the chemistry are used in beverage, confectionery, dairy, bakery, salt, tobacco, feed, oral care, pharmaceutical and food product groups.

about us

Mt Esans, we offer delicious flavours which accompany feelings in every moment of human life. We get inspiration from nature and combine it with science. Generating solutions in several industries through our diverse line of products, we are in a ceaseless quest for the best, with a view to making life happier.

MT Flavors and powders are used in beverages, sweets, dairy products, bakeries, salt, tobacco, feed, oral care, medicines and food product groups.


Essential oil is a very effective agent to remove unpleasant odors in cosmetic products that contain many chemical products and to raise the morale of the user and increase vitality and give joy and comfort that the smell of the product of the most important characteristics that the user is interested in choosing the product.

The human interest in perfumes since ancient times, where he formed a state of happiness, and psychological comfort, and this interest began when he was inhale the smell of roses and flowers, and aromatic plants, and he burned, and enjoy the strong smell smells in place,