Your Creative Flavour Partner

Mt Esans, we offer delicious flavours which accompany feelings in every moment of human life. We get inspiration from nature and combine it with science. Generating solutions in several industries through our diverse line of products, we are in a ceaseless quest for the best, with a view to making life happier.

The brand-new flavours that we design and produce for the world’s most liked brands reach millions of consumers. Each day since at syria as agency for mluticompany , we have been striving to bring favorite tastes to life through creativity, innovation, expertise and passion; and have been consistently conducting research so as to bring in something new, and to make dreams come true, while we respect nature, and value people.


Your Creative Flavour Partner

Using a fusion of cutting edge technology, and natural raw materials, the flagship flavour producer of the world, designs, produces, and delivers sauces, syrups, fruits preparations, extracts, caramelized sugar, caramel colorants, fruit powders, enzyme modified dairy ingredients, seasoning, spices mixes,

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